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  • Reach millions of viewers over Satellite or Cable platforms
    The Astra satellite reaches over 10 million viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Hotbird satellite is seen by over 100 million viewers all over Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
  • New source of income the visual layers allow the radio station to generate income via ad sales, SMS chat, voting, ring tones and much more. Each call or SMS from viewers to your station means profit for the radio station.
  • Get zapped by viewers - When using the Visual Radio solution your radio channel is re-categorized as a TV channel making your channel accessible to occasional zappers. You automatically increase your rating.
  • Increase viewers´ loyalty through interactivity - allow your viewers to interact and express themselves via SMS chat or voting and earn their loyalty. It´s the best way to build up new long term viewer communities rating.
What is Visual Radio?

Visual Radio is a radio channel enriched by a Slide based visual layer turning it into a low bitrate TV channel that can provide different kinds of extra info to the viewers and allow them to interact with the station. The Visual Radio can be implemented on any DVB platform.

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Constant Innovation?

Constant Innovation from Screenpeaks - Industry´s First Visualized Radio width Slide TV™.

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